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There are (I know it's hard to believe) people who do not like the taste of wild game. Just to let you know that most of the recipes can also be used with beef, chicken, domestic turkey or pork.

There will also be lots of recipes that are non-game or fish so check back on a regular basis. I'll be adding some canning recipes that I use also.

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Featured Recipe

Meat Sauce
By Colleen Knapp
Another recipe from my sister-in-law's recipe book. This one is for a sauce that could be used for steaks or roasts.

Pan drippings
2-3 T. flour
1 T. butter
1/4 C. wine or cooking sherry

Heat the meat dripping in the bottom of the pan, add butter. Make a roux by adding the flour, stirring constantly. Slowly, stir in the wine and cook over a medium heat until slightly thickened.