Check out "Shooting Stars" on Discovery's New "Velocity" Channel

Velocity Channel (VEL)
DirecTV Channel 281

See what happens when six of the best showmen trick shooters and celebrity shot gunners turn the Texas night into an explosion of pyrotechnic targets and firepower with thousands of fans adding to a Football Game-like carnival atmosphere. It's big guns, electrifying shots, and plenty of rivalry and laughter as the lost art of Annie Oakley exhibition shooting meets modern weaponry, science, and big event entertainment.

Then, see what happens when celebrities Karl Malone, Cole Hauser, and Gerald McRaney team up with professional shooters Tom Knapp, Scott Robertson, and Tim Bradley in a one-of-a-kind shotgun competition under the lights and in front of a live audience.

Not just another Reality TV show. The premise of this show is to salute the many different public and government services that we all owe thanks to for our well being. The first one hour special is Dedicated to Police Departments throughout our Beautiful USA

The many different challenges offered, resulted in some of the most mind boggling, fast paced, explosive, clay shattering, tormenting, temper flaring, exhausting, confusing, and exhilarating emotions! One of the most fascinating challenges was the GNAT Airplane Target. Passing in front of the shooters at over 65 miles per hour, the shooters forward lead necessary to hit the target was excessive!

If you can't watch it on schedule, record it with your DVR or TiVo.