Imagine yourself visiting the personal gun collection of the world’s finest exhibition shooter...

Welcome to Tom’s gun room!

Of course many of the guns you see here are Benelli firearms, and that’s because Tom and Benelli go way back. You see, Tom chose to shoot Benelli shotguns long before there was any sponsorship agreement. He still believes that Benelli makes the world’s finest shotguns, and continues to offer invaluable advice on Benelli design and product innovation.

Through the years, Tom’s legendary shooting has made the Benelli name synonymous with high-performance shotguns. But if you’ve seen his videos or live exhibitions, you know that Tom doesn’t shoot just shotguns. Tom is a true firearms connoisseur, and enjoys shooting rim-fire rifles, big-bore six shooters, and lever-action rifles.

Check out the full collection of Tom’s favorite firearms.